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Having fun

There is no shame in having fun

No! Board games aren't just for kids!
Do you host Friends or Family? Or do you want to bond during a Family Day? Nothing brings people together quite like playing our board games.


There is a way to pick up knowledge with no pain

No! board games aren't only to have fun, they are a fabulous way to learn, reinforce memory, coordination, frustration and languages!


There is always an occasion to play

No! board games won't break your relationships! 
For birthdays, after school clubs, in the hospital or at home, being an itinerant board games library allows us to meet you anywhere!

There is a way towards strong cohesive teams

No! Board games won't change your colleagues into lazy children!
Well-known benefits: know your colleagues better, work on self-confidence and build trust.


Find new fun together in board games

Boardgames are the new, trendy way to meet people, gather with your friends or partner, bond with your family and build a strong team!

We organise board game sessions - in public or private

Let's see how you can enjoy good boardgames now!

Anybody can be part of the fun! Londoners who want to meet people or learn French, Family, Workers, Managers, Au Pair, Schools, Hospital, Community services… anywhere in London! Checkout what we usually do and upcoming events.


Get in touch for additional information or if you have any questions about our services - you can write either in French or English

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Angèle +44 7517588109

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