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This is only few games we've got, find them all in our e-shop.

We mainly sell fun family and friends games, mostly playable in both French and English.

As d'Or de Cannes 2019 Award - The Mind - Who has to play ? Each player must play their cards in the correct order on the same pile.

Happy Salmon - Funky Chicken - Who will be the first to be rid of their cards ? To do so, you need to find as quickly as possible to find a player to do “high five” or imitate the chicken’ danse.

Cheating Moth - Who would be able to play their cards thanks to cheat but without being caught ?

Cockroach Poker - Poker de Cafards - Who will be the first to be rid of their cards ? To do so, you will have to bluff.

Cockroach Salad - Salade de Cafards - Who would be able to say “tomato” or “cauliflower” at the good time ?

Go Nuts for Donuts - Who will get the most points card or who will miss it because another one wanted it ? (English needed)

Anomia - Who will pronounce first an Olympic sport or an animal ? (English needed)

Sushi Go - Who will offer the best sushis menu ?

Planet - Who will own the biggest forest, ocean or pack ice on its planet ?

Kingdomino - Who will own the largest land ?


Public and private board game events in London for children and adults. A curated online shop featuring the best board games with a focus on alternative and family-friendly games. 

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