Two-Players Games

We mostly have Party Game, but some are very good even if you are only two and we also sell strategic wooden games - that are only for two players.

Only Two-players Games:


Quarto is my favourite, only two-players game, it's a advanced Tic-Tac-Toe, You need to line up 4 pieces according to their shapes, colours, height and fillings. The trick : it's the opponent who chooses which pawn you play !


Quixo is also an advanced Tic-Tac-Toe, that you can play in team if you are four. 

Party Games enjoyable even if you are only two: 

Stumblewood - you are lost in the forest, so you need to manage your stress and have a good memory et Cockroach Salad (Salade de cafards)

Anomia - un jeu qui ressemble au Petit bac pour lequel il faut obligatoirement parler anglais

Yogi - be the last one with cards everywhere on you and in weird position. (for example : keep a ginger on your knee for all the game)

Hippo - dice games, ideal for snack times !

Sushi Go - pick and pass card games, everybody play at the same time so no need to wait so long that the others play ! Go nut for donuts is similar but you can really miss a card because of the others.

More Strategic Games:

Quorridor is a old classic, playable 2, 3 or 4, where you want to cross the board before the other.

Welcome to the Dungeon - you will need courage and be good in bluffing !

*What I really advise you to go to* Kingdomino - strategic like Carcassonne, but quicker and the interaction is different. Planet, is similar but more playful with a real magnetic Earth - For 2, 3 or 4 players - equally.

To be intergenerational - Qwirkle - you need to place tiles.

Collaborative Games:

The Mind, Forbidden Island, Bandido

It's better to test and play board games first during our public sessions or organise a private session !



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