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Do you want to try other board games that we don't sell? Here is a list of games we don’t sell but can bring and explain to you. Please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can bring them. Same for the ones we sell have a look at the catalog!


Exploding Kittens, Love letter, Héros à louer, We didn’t playtest this at all, Ogallala, Bonhanza, 7 sceaux, Manchots barjots, Niet, Go nuts for donuts.

More than 5 players

Saboteurs, Diamant, Whoonu, Brouhaha.

Speed Games

Bazar bizarre, Hands up, Set, Rythm and boulets, Jungle Speed, La course des balais, Salade de cafards, Tokyo train, Slamwich (Bataille corse), Panic Lab.

Word Games

Alias, Anomia, Djam, We are the world.

Dice Games 

Milles Sabords, Pickomino.

Two players Games

Abalone, Duell, Lost cities, Jaipur, 7 Wonders – Duel, Pecking Order.

Light reflexion Games 

Guillotine, Noah, Chromino, Triomino, Rick and Marty, The bloody Inn, Maka Bana.

Reflexion Games

Gloom, Gloire de Rome, Struggle of Catan, 7 Wonders, Guerre des moutons, Carcassonne, , Sherlock Holmes détective conseil et les Unlock (escape game).

Youngest Players' Games

Chabyrinthe, Marrakech, Jenga, Sphinx / Ramsès, Potion magique, Philibert, Verger, Dobble kids

Cacofolie, Pouet Pouet, Imagidice, Katamino, Tangram.

That's awesome to discover new board games without reading the rules books ! Indeed my explanations are clear and dynamic. Come to our next public sessions or contact us for a private session


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