Board Games for Children

We want to show to all grown-ups that they like to play, that board games are not just for children, but we have to confess that some board games are mostly for children. We have a lot of different types to please every one of you ! 

Quiet Game:


The child can play alone, it's as addictive as a mobile app with its 500 levels but without screen!

Dexterity Game:

Tutti Frutti

Who will manage to collect the most half fruit that matches together ? Be careful, sometimes oranges and peaches look similar ! 

Memory Games:


Who will make jump the most frogs from a rock to another ? Be careful they all have a hidden different colour !

Lost in the woods

Who will be able to recognise the good tree in the forest ? That's a very good touching game !

Pedagogic Games:

There is a dedicated page, but we advise you to have a look at:

The Brainbox - a lot of different themes. They make children improve their observation, memorisation and concentration skills. And it stays playful.

It's better to test and play board games first during our public sessions or organise a private session !


Public and private board game events in London for children and adults. A curated online shop featuring the best board games with a focus on alternative and family-friendly games. 

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