It's Half-term soon!

A « normal » card-game is a must-have in your suitcase but some other games are more attractive and come in a small box.

To play quietly: Qwirkle – Tiles – perfect for an inter-generation game or Sushi Go (light strategic cardgame).

To meet people: Happy Salmon, Funky Chicken or Yogi – you need to be active.


To laugh: Kontour – Drawing game.


To quickly play before meal time: Hippo – Dice.


To play even without table: The Mind – Cooperative Game or Quarto – Thinking game.


To play and play and play again without noticing it: Cheating Moth – hum… cheating game.

Have a lovely holidays! For those who stay in London come to our sessions!


To have a better idea from the games :

Quarto is my favourite, only two-players game, it's a advanced Tic-Tac-Toe, You need to line up 4 pieces according to their shapes, colours, height and fillings. The trick : it's the opponent who chooses which pawn you play !

Yogi - be the last one with cards everywhere on you and in weird position. (for example : keep a ginger on your knee for all the game)

Hippo - dice games, ideal for snack times !

Sushi Go - pick and pass card games, everybody play at the same time so no need to wait so long that the others play ! Go nut for donuts is similar but you can really miss a card because of the others.

It's better to test and play board games first during our public sessions or organise a private session !


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