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London, UK

Who we are

French Mum and Board Games Enthusiasts who are convinced that board games are the key to learning, enjoying time and meeting people.

Got the opportunity to share my passion with people in Cameron, Russia, Morocco, France and US.

Now I am happy to spread the joy in London !

What we do

We already tried our services, here is an overview but we are always happy to try new ideas.

  • We come to different families to play specially with their kids to learn or reinforce their French.

  • We also use board games every Saturday at school Point-Virgule to teach French to children.

  • We come to people' home to enliven their friends' nights and fill their shelves with good new board games.

  • We brisk some Eclectic Tuesdays or Fridays to make French or English learners practise it. 

  • We fight against loneliness with Brocals Hackney - an association for men > 50 y. old.

  • We make you work on your Stress and time management, building confidence during team-building event, for example

  • We organise weddings or birthday activities to entertain the guests and make a special gifts to the celebrated.

  • We animate social and fundraising events (church, schools, NGO...).

  • We make colleagues come closer and know each other better thanks to board games in the common room.

What their thoughts are

Some of my favorite memories from grad school included board game nights with ToGameTher’s founder Angele and her husband Gus! So excited for this business and for the community that will be built around fun!

Katie Young, Atlanta

Angèle gives the confidence needed to my daughter to speak French ! And what a good think to have new amusing board games at home !

Jeanne Malco, London

The events are always a lot of fun!

I will never forget how much fun we had at our house when you were in charge of games!

Thibaut, London

JoAnn, Atlanta